Lessons Policy

  • Lesson meetings are arranged weekly, at the same time and same day of the week. 

  • I confirm lessons the morning of the meeting by text message to the student or parent. 

  • Practice is strongly encouraged. I want to see you make progress. Each lesson is planned from the results of the lesson before it, so practicing the music each week is important.  

  • Online one-to-one lessons take place via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.  

  • Feedback from my students is encouraged just as much as I give students feedback.  And, I love questions from my students! :)

  • During the lesson, I need your full attention, with no distractions, please. 

  • Students / families are emailed an invoice for each month of lessons at the beginning of the month. 

  • If I cancel a lesson meeting, I deduct that amount of the lesson from the month’s invoice. Or, if the fees are already paid for that month, I credit that lesson amount on the next month’s invoice.