Ashley Davis White

Fiddler based in the Birthplace of Country Music, Bristol, TN 

Lonesome Moonlight Waltz (Fiddlin' with Les)

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Ashley has 15 years experience playing professionally, and has taught for ten years. Students age in range from 5 years to adults, learning by ear and reading music notation. The lessons are individual instruction. Bluegrass, Country, Old-Time, Gospel and Classical styles are taught.

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Hello! Are you interested in learning the Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, or Old Time Fiddle style of playing violin? I can help you! I have been teaching professionally since 2009, and I have loved every minute of it! I specialize in teaching music for violin / fiddle by ear and music notation. You will learn how to acquire, set up and tune your instrument, as well as regular maintenance. Lessons will start with posture and bow exercises, then you will learn short, simple fiddle tunes. You will gradually progress into learning more advanced songs/tunes. Eventually, you will be able to jam with other musicians. We will have fun fiddling!

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